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We’re fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a great gift for self-destruction.

I’ll ficght you if I have to. 
Then what are you waiting for?


[about how she got cast as Johanna]  I’m so not an angry personSo I was like, F—-, this is going to be a little complicated, and I don’t wanna go in there and give him something fake and ridiculous. but the morning I woke up, everything started pissing me off. And I was like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s happening? And I was like, Oh, wait. She’s [Johanna] totally taking over. By the time I was in there, I was seething; I was frothing at the mouth. I don’t even think I said hello to Francis. I just walked in and said, Tell me when you want me to start.”



Why does France have so many revolutions?

i asked a french guy once and he just said ‘we are angry at literally everything’


the worst type of procrastination is the one where you’re totally insistent that you’re going to be productive, so you spend hours on tumblr, but refuse to catch up on tv shows or anything because “i’m going to work in like a second”

You never get off this train.


Happy 53rd Birthday, Robert Carlyle! (April 14th, 1961)

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